TN: 2002 Jacobs Creek Steingarten Riesling

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TN: 2002 Jacobs Creek Steingarten Riesling

Postby markg » Mon Jun 05, 2006 7:30 am

A name change marketing nightmare. What could have possessed them to think that adding the words JACOBS CREEK would help them sell more of this wine? To be fair, I suppose it has a following of dedicated wine drinkers that will not be affected regardless of what it is called and this is one way of reaching a new audience who base their wine buying decisions on label name.

Anyway, a superb Riesling with a lovely deep and lively straw color and a steely nose of citrus and a hint of caramel with undercurrents of honey and lime. The palate is superbly textured with excellent length and depth. I prefer this to the 2003, its drinkable now and will be one of those Rieslings that linger for decades, gaining flavor and complexity each year. Its just such a shame they were so hard to get hold of.
-Mark Wickman

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Postby Wayno » Mon Jun 05, 2006 9:32 pm

The reason Orlando are re-branding their premium wines is 100% to do with the overseas market. The Australian market is a small percentage of it's consumers and people like us on this forum who ponder this reasoning are a small percentage of that figure again. The figures stack up accordingly.

It's a bit sad when great labels are given the JC treatment though, I agree.

All that aside, I agree it's a great wine and with a few in my cellar I'm keen to see how it evolves.
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